Saturday, July 24, 2010

Chatpata Onion dosa!!!

Ingridients :

1. Dosa Batter (You can use the ready made batter)
2. Finely chopped onions
3. chilli powder
4. chat masala
5. salt to taste
6. Cooking oil


Take one portion of batter and spread it on medium heated tawa.
Now put the finely chopped onion onto the spread and just press the onions a bit onto the batter so that they stick to it.
now sprinkle some salt and chilli powder and then chat masala.

Once this is done take one teaspoon of cooking oil and then spread on the edges of the dosa.Cook evenly on both the sides and le the onions change color to golden brown.

Chatpata onion dosa is ready and cit could be served with chutney powder or curd or silmy taken alone.