Sunday, January 31, 2010

Diet Tip - Do not Skip breakfast!

When you first wake up, you are likely to be low on energy.

If, the night before, you ate dinner between 7 to 8 p.m. and then nothing else until breakfast at 8 a.m., you would have gone 12 hours without added fuel. Your body may have burned around 1,100 calories during this period. Most of the fuel used would have come from your stored fat and carbs!!

If you skip breakfast at this point and do a tough workout, Say you burn 500 calories during the workout. By the time you eat later that morning, you may have lowered your energy deficiency by 1,600 calories (that is, 1,100 calories burned while you sleep, plus 500 from the workout).

At some point of time you body will demand more fuel and this is the time when you will most likely to binge and hog and go into a huge energy surplus to compensate. This will lead to Over Eating and more calorie consumption.

The moral :
Never Skip Break fast and for the rest eat small-to-moderate sized meals every three or four hours.

Exercises Tip of the day!!!

Exercises Tip:

For Ladies : I would highly recommend if you have a flavour of music n dance, start your exercises regime with belly dancing!!!

It will work wonders and in no time you will find you body shaping up!!!!!!
For effective belly dancing you tube video keep following my forthcoming posts!!!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Mind Set for Weight loss!!!!

Treat your body like a temple or abode of god And not like a dustbin, Which takes anything and everything you throw in!!!

Keep this in mind before taking that nibble of burger or samosa or kachoris

Low cal recipe - Breakfast

Yogurt / Curd Sandwich:

Preparation time 5 minutes
Cooking time 2 minutes
Nos : 2 serving

Ingredients :
Finely chopped cabbage (Small) - half nos
finely chopped tomatoes - 2 nos
finely chopped capsicum - 1 nos
Parsley or Green coriander leaves - handful -finely chopped
Salt and pepper to taste.

Preparation :
1.Mix all the above ingredients well together.
2. Take two slices of brown bread, and apply a tables spoon of the mixture on one slice and cover it with the other slick, grease the sandwich maker with two to three drops of oil (Olive oil preferably), you can use a dropper to prevent from consuming excess oil.

Serve hot with coriander leaves chutney or tomato sauce!!

Less Caffeine

Limit caffeine. This one is tough, but if you want to lose, you have to do it. No exceptions. Moderation is ok, but don't overdo it.

Initially I used to have some 5 to 6 cups of tea or coffee!! Trust me it was difficult to reduce to 1 or 2 cups!!

Begin recording every nibble you take!!!

Begin recording every nibble you take in immediately on a daily basis in journal.

Why : Because chances are that you, like most of us, don't really know how much you are consuming on a daily basis. Each day, look at the habits you seem to have developed according to the records you are keeping, and make one positive change. For example, consider cutting out one glass of soda, omitting one indulgence, etc

Result : After a week or so , when you have performed this task, go back to your journal and analyze, what you have been eating right and what you have been eating wrong.This will help you to focus more on the good and healthy food.

Note : Dont stop jolting down every nibble you take and see for yourself, if you are making any progress of shifting your focus from junk food to healthy food.

Tip Of The day!!!

Keep Drinking!!!
Drinking water not only helps in burning calories but also keeps you away from mindless snacking!!!

Preferable drink a glass of water some 15 to 20 minutes before you go for any heavy meal, that will really keep you semi full and u will end up eating less comparatively!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Weight Loss - Tip Of the Day!

Try and eat rice with fork instead of Spoon!!
This will ultimately lead to lesser intake of food!!!

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