Saturday, January 14, 2012

Better late then never !!!

Hello Folks,

Back after a while coz was tightly caught up with work and home...
Got married and so changed my priorities and came additional responsibilities...

Now since things have settled, I am back to my fitness mission. The other day some where i read this quote "I choose to be fit".

It did not click anything to me at that moment. Later that day i happened to stand on the weighing machine, wont say that I was shocked to see the weight reading,bcoz of the never ending treats and invitation than happens in a typical Indian Families for a newly wed.I wont blame that entirely for my weight gain... I happen to actually shift my focus away from fitness.

But as they say "Every day is a new day".

So start afresh with renewed energy and motivation... :-)

Step 1 : To Start with I first controlled my eating outside urge.. which i tell you is quite a challenging thing for me to do :-)

Step 2 : Next step was to cut on the amount of intake of dinner.. Very important when we are on the road of weight reduction...

Step 3 : Next was to add a bit of exercise.. make it a step by step process. Don't try to loose it all in one day.. :-)

Target loosing at least 0.50 KG a week.

Keep your goal realistic and simple...... And you will definately reach there as I did.. :-)

All The best