Friday, July 30, 2010

Brush off the tase of your favorite dish !!!!

Here we go again!!!

One small but effective tip while on a diet, or even if you are health conscious and want to maintain that ideal weight!

"Brush your teeth after you have completed your required portion of your favorite dish.The taste of tooth paste often kills the craving to eat more"

Try this it really helps :-)


  1. oh really nice tip...thanks!

  2. Welcome :-) These are my tried and tested ones!!

  3. hi dear,
    you got a excellent theme to have diet tips and exercise wrapped into one blog...i enjoyed some of the ur tips like brushing after eating your favourite dish to kill the craving...this is very innovative and very helpfull for all... obesity is a very serious issue in the west and in the east too.. it is simply impossible to not gain weight as everything around is filled with sugar and fat... indians are especially moving towards fast foods which is really spoiling our health...but as humans we always to eat everything tasty...there is only one solution exercise...atleast our bodies will burn it off ... keep posting lovely tips on food and exercise...i would love to keep visiting you and follow them...if u get time do visit my blog


  4. wow.. thats really simple... hope i can start from now....